Start a profitable mobile food business in San Francisco.

Thinking about starting a food truck? If you're tired of wading through legislation, lost in the maze of permitting or don't know who to turn to for trusted referrals then you're in the right place. The San Francisco Cart Project has developed Instrucktional to walk you through the process from start to finish. Instrucktional is your cheat sheet for selling food on the streets.

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Confidently navigate the permitting process
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The cheat sheet for mobile food entrepreneurs worth $10,000.

Get your business started on the right foot. Save time, money and headaches by setting up your concept, menu and location strategy the right way. Instrucktional will teach you how to pick profitable menu items, find the best wrap for your vehicle and set up an efficient operational schedule.

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Save Time

Expedite your permitting process. Checklists and flowcharts are included to make your work efficient and correct the first time.


Digital Document Pack

Get the permit forms and documents sent to you electronically. Fill them out on your computer for use in email or print.


Make The Right Moves

Avoid confusion and costly errors by knowing the pitfalls and rookie mistakes. Stay on track to profitability with confidence and awareness.


Examples and Visual Aids

See the difference between the best and worst trucks, wraps, equipment and tools with our visual aids and recommendations.

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